An inteview with Patricia

How You Can Heal Your Life and working with Louise Hay transformed my life and led me to train thousands of people worldwide in the Louise Hay philosophy of love yourself, heal your life.

Many people around the world are now certified to teach 2-day weekend and 10-week Heal Your Life courses as a result of Louise Hay's mentorship to me.

I speak on behalf of all these teachers myself in saying "Thank you Louise for this transformational gift, you are much loved.

An interview with Louise Hay in 2008

Learn how to create powerful affirmations.

Learn how to start loving and approving of yourself.

The Power of Forgiveness with Rick Nichols

Forgiveness is a powerful process for releasing you from the past and opening your heart to more love.

Are you ready? Who do you need to forgive? Whoever popped into your mind as you read the question!

Give some thought to the possibility of forgiving that person as you listen to Rick explain the power of forgiveness.