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A Book That Changed Our Lives 

In 2011, after a decade of conducting training programs for businesses at various levels of management, a sense of restlessness had set in. We realised that while our 'behavioural' programs were very effective, there was something deeper that we needed to touch. We knew that it was time for a new space of awareness.  

This also happened to be the most challenging year for us at every level and we were struggling emotionally, physically and financially. We had no clue where we were headed. In one of business training programs, a participant gifted us the book 'You Can Heal Your Life' and our life changed forever!


Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen

In September 2011 we affirmed for attending the Heal Your Life Teacher Training program. The schedules worked out magically, and so did the finances. And in Feb 2012, there we were, in San Diego, with two fabulous teachers and 40 participants from across the world!

 Everything seemed possible, and it was then we wrote an affirmation to be 'International Workshop Leaders'. In 2012-2013 we trained in five different countries, working with business leaders across cultures and management systems! Things were moving at full speed. We started to introduce small sections of the Heal your Life program in our business training modules. It worked!! Participants experienced   'shifts' at a much deep level creating a high impact. And this was just the tip of the iceberg.


Bringing Heart to Business 

In 2013 when we did the coach training, we knew that we were ready to bring HYL to businesses. All our research indicated that humanising the work environment and focusing on employee happiness is the focus and 'Managing with Heart & Mind' is truly the way forward.  

And here we are in 2015, helping teachers bring heart to business and transform the way organisations function. We feel blessed to have this opportunity! We are filled with gratitude for the gentle guidance, loving insights, the deep perspectives and unwavering support that we receive from Patricia and Rick. The journey has just begun..


Sneha Shah & Shashank Gupta are the directors of Isra and offer programs for Heal Your Life

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