About Julie Rowlands


Licensed Teacher

Julie is a personal development junkie, who loves to dig deep with her clients on what makes them tick and tease apart all the bits to help them change how they think and how they live their life. A trained coach with background as a practice nurse, Julie has travelled and lived in various places through her life, the highlight being 9 months in a small town in rural Egypt, all the while supporting her adult daughter who has high needs autism. While many may think this is entirely mad, these experiences have cemented Julie’s philosophy that life is what you choose to create, and nothing (except your own thinking!) will stop you if you want something badly enough! As a licensed ‘Heal Your Life’ Workshop leader Julie is skilled at sharing the inspiring, life changing philosophies of Louise Hay. Through this work Julie shares her true passion of supporting women to love and accept themselves just as they are, learn new ways to enhance their self-care journey and discover the joy of living a life created exactly as they truly want. Courage, connection and compassion are Julie’s touchstones. She walks beside her clients on their journey and wholeheartedly shares her joyful approach to life, using her quirky sense of humour and honest open approach to all of life’s challenges. Julie will challenge your thinking and inspire you to get rid of the blocks that hold you back from what you want.

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