About Eileen Clair


Licensed Coach

Eileen Clair is a qualified and accredited Heal Your Life Coach and Workshop Leader Trainer and is proud to offer this internationally recognized training on an annual basis in Ireland. Eileen has been helping people heal for over twenty-five years. In 1992, she opened the doors of her Holistic Centre with the vision to provide help to those who needed it most. Since then, the centre has globally become acknowledged as a sanctuary for health and well-being, providing a safe-haven for clients to come and experience support on their healing journey. Eileen understands that each client is unique and deserves a personal healing treatment. Recognising that nothing operates in isolation, she draws on an array of knowledge, skills and experience to help restore balance and harmony within. It is from her own personal healing journey that she has a developed a deep appreciation for one’s own inner wisdom and intuition. She knows that if you release the mind, the body and soul truly have the answers.

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