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Licensed Teacher

Hi, I’m Carolee Laffoon. I support people in transition who have struggled to bring more fulfillment and joy into their lives by helping them reduce their stress, connect to their inner wisdom, and create a life they love. My story may be a little like yours. I have experienced tremendous relationship, career, and family challenges, and it was not always easy to transition to a better reality. My whole world has been rocked and I have experienced a lot of fear; I had no idea how my life would turn out when I was faced with these challenging times. Dealing with infidelity, divorce, career burnout, the effects of Hurricane Katrina and the chronic illness of my mother was at times excruciating. Despite it all, I can honestly say that I have undergone an amazing journey to create a life I love, full of joy and deep fulfillment. Louise\'s teachings helped me transition to a life I love, and sharing her philosophies through coaching and workshops is now one of my biggest joys. I am passionate about supporting you to create a life you love. You don’t have to suffer; you don’t have to give up on your dream of finding joy and fulfillment. If I can do it, so can you. I facilitate journeys of transition and self-discovery as a Certified Heal Your Life® Coach and Workshop Leader. I am also certified in Mind-Body Medicine through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and I am on the faculty of the Mind-Body Center of Louisiana. My career and personal successes are a direct result of my commitment to pursuing a path of personal growth and self-discovery. I can help you do the same. Contact me for a complimentary coaching introduction to learn how I can help you create a life you love.

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