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Anna works with people to gently reconnect to the core of who they are: lovable, worthwhile, awesome, abundant, powerful and creative beings. 

We often say we’d like to find our purpose and enjoy life more, yet we find obstacles in our path. Working with Anna, you will identify and dissolve the barriers to achieving your goals. You will be supported to create positive changes, and connect with your life’s purpose.

Anna has been on a lifelong journey of personal growth and transformation, having come across Louise Hay’s work in the 1980s. Learning how our thoughts contribute to creating our reality can be confronting at first, however, it is a key to healing, creating positive change and living a peaceful, happy life.

With a background as an Early Childhood Educator and  School Teacher, Anna combines her teaching experience, knowledge of psychology, understanding behaviour and human development in her work. 

Anna incorporates Louise Hay’s philosophies in her current role as an Emotional Well-being Teacher. She works with children to help them develop a strong sense of self and to equip them with the skills and strategies, personal resources and knowledge, to cultivate resilience so they can handle life's ups and downs, stay connected to their true selves and thrive in their home and school life. 

Anna teaches parents how to use their children’s emotional experiences as an opportunity for closeness and teaching, as well as to understand and use emotions effectively to self soothe and to use these skills to assist in problem solving and limit setting.

Anna is a licensed Heal Your Life ® Workshop Leader, Life Coach and Teens Empowerment Facilitator. She is also a qualified Facilitator of Tuning in to Kids ™ Emotional Intelligence Parenting Program. 

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