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Willemstad, Curaçao, Curaçao

Hi and welcome to my world. Here's why we are meeting: Life seemed to be throwing me a whole lot of curve balls and I did not seem to have any batting or catching skills. The more balls I dropped the clearer it became that the common denominator was me. It was obviously time for some serious introspection and much overdue action based on some even more serious desperation to get out of this huge hole I was in. That was some 15 years ago. My own call to action led me to embark on a path of self-discovery and self-development, spiritual development and many more interesting lessons in life. On that journey I became a student and disciple of the BTB Feng Shui School led at the time by the late Professor Tomas Lin Yun. With that growth came the hunger and search for more and life introduced me to Louise's work. I was turning 40! and decided the workshop leader certification would be my gift to myself. A few months later I decided to gift myself the coach certification for no other reason than I deserved it! Fast forward 5 years and I am also a certified workshop leader of the Manage with Heart & Mind business program and Robert Holden Coach Camp. What do I bring to the table: I have not only read the books, I have lived the experiences. I have practiced the visualizations and affirmations and am on a beautiful journey of uncovering my authentic self. My next level is to bring this knowledge and experience to the community of my native island of CuraƧao and help others uncover themselves and in doing so re-invent our country, dare to dream a different life. If you are ready to be brutally honest with yourself, take action, uncover yourself and create your life on your terms, than I am the workshop leader and coach you are looking for. Stay tuned for my events or e-mail me any time. Anyone who feels like being their authentic selves during a personal retreat on a mellow and beautiful tropical island, just let me know. Packages are available and you will experience rewarding results. For now, a HUGE HUG with Love, Light & Blessings.

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