About Janie McGrew


Licensed Teacher
Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States jmcgrew1208@gmail.com website https://thejoywhisperer.com

Janie McGrew, The Joy Whisperer is a nurse, mentor, speaker, trainer, and Heal Your Life teacher. After experiencing major challenges in her personal and professional relationships, she saw clearly just how “out of balance” her life was. Most of her focus was on seeking the approval of others while putting herself last. She found herself feeling marginalized, disrespected, and unappreciated. She thought she had done all the right things to be successful and happy. Instead, the truth is, she felt dissatisfied and frustrated with her life: · Relationships with family, friends, and colleagues were strained. · Her weight fluctuated. · Her health was deteriorating. · She felt spiritually disconnected from her higher power. · She felt sad, frustrated, and angry. Though she pursued multiple self-help courses, her heart still remained heavy and she was unable to shake the emptiness and sense of loss she felt. Janie recognized she was at crossroads in her life! She knew she had a decision to make! She could stay stuck, living at the affect of others or she could take new actions to create the life she wanted. That’s when she discovered the Heal Your Life® training. She learned new techniques that changed her life. She learned how to shift: · Judgment to joy; · Victim-thinking to empowerment; · Obstacles to Opportunities; She turned her Negative thinking into understanding, healing, and growth. She learned she had the power to change her own life and with it came her decision to share and teach these powerful techniques to others.

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