About Eileen Clair


Licensed Coach

Eileen Clair is a qualified and accredited Heal Your Life Coach and Workshop Leader Trainer and is proud to offer this internationally recognized training on an annual basis in Ireland. Eileen also Coaches and holds workshops regularly. Eileen is a person of irrepressible energy, boundless talent and a reassuring nature. With over 20 years’ experience in the field of Holistic Healing, Eileen uses her sensitivity and knowledge to guide people on their healing path. She exudes innate calm, which she unknowingly imparts to those in her company. Eileen presents with vigour, humour and compassion but most of all from a well of knowledge, creativity and understanding that people, regardless of status, age or gender benefit from knowing how to be the person they are, not the person they think they should be.   Eileen has worked in the field of alternative therapies since 1987. She holds many qualifications and positions within the Holistic field.      

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