About Damien Munro


Licensed Coach

Damien Munro’s simple statement… “When you remove negative thinking, the only thoughts left are the positive” embodies Louise's powerful teachings in just one sentence.

Damien is dedicated to teaching and inspiring people from all walks of life to lead happier, healthier and more successful lives as they embrace their true passion and purpose in life. 

As the Teacher Trainer for Australasia, Damien is passionate about teaching successful workshop leaders and coaches in this beautiful healing work. 

Damien’s teaching style is extraordinarily personal, his warm and loving energy touches the hearts of all who attend his teacher training seminars, regardless of where they are from, their lifestyle, career, or where they are at on their personal journey.

As the Australasian Heal Your Life Teacher Trainer, Damien can certify you as:

Heal Your Life Workshop Leader

Heal Your Life Coach

Heal Your Life Teens Facilitator

Heal Your Life Advanced Practitioner

When we eliminate negative thought patterns and replace them with thoughts which build us up, our lives become positive and you can become the happiest person you know!

With over 15 years working in the natural therapies and personal development industry of Heal Your Life Workshops, Personal Coaching, Kinesiology, Reiki, Massage and Neuro Linguistic Programing Damien holds a wealth of life experience and total dedication to help people improve their lives.

Join Damien and his team as you become certified as a world-wide Heal Your Life® workshop leader, bringing positive change and transformation into people’s lives. 

After you complete this week of training you are certified and eligible to become licensed with Hay House Inc. Meaning you can then take powerful, life changing workshops and courses based on the philosophy of Louise Hay and bring about real positive change in our world. 

Damien Munro offers one of the best weeks of your life! Damien’s goal is to inspire you on your journey of self-discovery with a true sense of purpose and direction. 

Get FREE access to Damien’s Negative Thought Elimination video series and become the happiest person you know www.DamienMunro.com/FREE

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