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Licensed Teacher
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada vitaquesthealth@gmail.com

A friend gave me my first copy of Louise Hays amazing book "You Can Heal Your Life" in 1986. It is my body's "owners manual". In the beginning I referred to it sporadically and over time grew to appreciate my body's voice. With each symptom I healed my body and emotions and grew in appreciation for the amazing wisdom of the late Louise L. Hay. In the words of Louise Hay "I love the miracle of my amazing body". After 12 years of regular hospital emergency visits I was able to go off oxygen and other life support. I healed my breathing; I went ftom 48% oxygen to 72%. This pattern began in development and is now known as Developmental Trauma. I was raised for 16 years in smoking and domestic violence. Using the affirmations in Louise' book "Heal Your Body" plus a whole lot of love and forgiveness I was able to reframe the Core Beliefs that were creating my reality. I can finally say I am living the life I "consciously" created. Fast forwarding to today, I am pleased to be able to offer you seminars, teleclasses and private Love Yourself Heal Your Life sessions as a Licensed Teacher in Canada. I am healthy, whole and completely excited about the opportunity of helping each and everyone of you discover a whole world of love inside and out. Call me today to discuss how my program can be tailor made to suit your needs and schedule. Make 2017 the year you become "your BEST friend". Sign up today for a "Change your thinking Lose the weight teleclass" and discover that "thin lies within". And finally, if money seems to slip through your fingers like mine used to, the "Money Consciousness" teleclass may be the bridge you need to crossover to a life of total abundance . Everything you need is already within. My role as a Licensed Heal Your Life Instructor is to teach you the skills to safely look inside and get to know the beautiful person the world is waiting to meet. Affirm right Now; I AM Safe - it is only change! Make it a whole wad of change. I AM the end of your search!

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