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Heal Your Life and Achieve Your Dreams Blogtalk Radio show archives 

Welcome! On January 10, 2012 we began the Heal Your Life and Achieve Your Dreams Blogtalk Radio show. Each week the show will feature different licensed Heal Your LIfe teachers and coaches. They will share how Louise's philosophy changed their lives and how their workshops, study groups, and coaching are  transforming the lives of others.

Our host for the series is Rachel Winkler, a licensed Heal Your LIfe teacher from Oregon. Click on any of the dates below to go directly to that particular show.

January 10, 2012
Rachel interviews Sandra Filer and Verity Dawson, both Heal Your LIfe teachers and coaches. Sandra resides in Houston, TX and has some great stories to share about how she left corporate life behind to follow her heart with this work and how she attracted a wonderful relationship. Verity Dawson resides in Barbados. As one of the first trained HYL teachers in 1995, she has an amazing background with this work. She also has some wonderful examples about how this work has changed her life and those of her workshop trainees. Listen and get inspired!

January 17, 2012
Rachel interviews Dimple Aurora and Heidi Martin, Heal Your Life teachers from the Ontario province in Canada. The share how they learned about Louise's work and the benefits for attendees a their workshops. They give good examples of the Law of Attraction.

January 24, 2012
Rachel interviews Loretta Whelan from Ireland and Kailah Egington from the UK. Both have inspirational stories about physical healings they have experienced using the Heal Your LIfe work.  They share how they became interested in the Heal Your Life work and the techniques (such as affirmations and mirror work) that contributed to their healing.

January 31, 2012
Rachel interviews Ana Maria Sanchez from Northern Calif. Ana Maria emphasizes the importance of loving and approving of yourself. She has a powerful story of transformation out of a difficult upbringing and addictions.

February 7, 2012
Rachel interviews Australian HYL teachers, Julie Lake and Kerry Jeffrey. They share some wonderful personal examples of change. They also explain how the HYL work can change relationships for the better, improve health, and increase your prosperity.

February 14, 2012
Rachel interviews Doreen and Joe Marchetti, both HYL workshop leaders and coaches. They have been married for 42 years. There are few couples leading the HYL workshops together so we thought it wonderful on Valentine's Day to have them on the show! Be sure and listen to their wisdom regarding the HYL work and their relationship.

February 21, 2012
Rachel interviews Elizabeth Candlish (Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada) and Jody Kratz, RN. (Pennsylvania). There is a focus on the mind-body connection. Elizabeth shares about her healing from cancer and Jody shares what she observed with patients in the hospital and how Reiki is now being offered in hospitals.  

February 28, 2012
Rachel interview Juliet Vorster from the UK and Elaine Burke from Wyoming. Juliet shares about how her doctor put her on anti-depressants when she was in a stressful job, and she was able to get off them and transform her life with Louise's philosophy. She empahizes the need for trust and believing all is working out for your good. Elaine shares some great stories about using affirmations and the power of forgiveness.

March 6, 2012
Rachel interviews Diane Christie from Washington state and Maryann Burchell from Flroida. Diane explins how she used the philosophy in her previous position as a Human Resources Director and how it helped her cope with a divorce. Maryann shares about a stressful time in her life when she gained weight. She began using a simple affirmation that allowed her to lost the weight.

March 13, 2012
Rachel interviews Amanda Romania, originally from the UK, now living in Southern California. Amanda shares about her amazing journey with this work.

March 20, 2012
Rachel interviews Andrea Gardner from the UK and Claudia Hannah from Minnesota. Claudia shares about her stressed lifestyle in corporate America and how she was able to leave it using the HYL work. Andrea shares a wonderful healing story and about her video, The Power of Words, which has had over 13 milion views worldwide.

March 27, 2012
Rachel interviews Carolee Laffoon and Peggy Billeaudeau-Bueche, both from Louisiana. Carolee shares how she used to hate her life, even having achieved many goals, and how the HYL work helped her learn to love it. Peggy shares how the work helped her recover from a food addiction and lose over 100 pounds!

April 3, 2012
Rachel interviews Eileen Clair, a very experienced HYL teacher who is now the authorized teacher-teacher for Ireland, and Virginia McFeeley from Wales. They both share powerful principles from the HYL work.

April 10, 2012
Rachel interviews Merrill Stanton, an HYL workshop leader now living in the San Diego area. Merrill shares her inspiring story of moving thorugh challenges with colon cancer and a divorce to health, vitality, and a friendship with her ex-husband.

April 17, 2012
Rachel interviews Patricia J Crane, PH.D. and Rick NIchols, co-leaders of the Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Trainings in the US and Canada. Patricia studied personally with Louise Hay in the '80's and was subsequently approved to start the training program. Rick and Patricia share their backgrounds, how they came to the HYL work, and what the training entails.

April 24, 2012
Rachel interviews Dr. Karen Maxwell currently in Sedona, AZ. In addition to being  an HYL workshop and coach, she is also a top chiropractor and incorporates Louise' work into her healing practice. Dr. Karen shares about how she came to the HYL work, creating energy enhancers into your life, the 5 steps of forgiveness and more!

May 1, 2012
Rachel interviews Anne Guskin from Austin, TX. Anne first found Louise's book in her doctor's office! You'll enjoy her stories and sense of humor.

May 8, 2012
Rachel interviews Rowena Neal from Brisbane, Australia. Rowena is an HYL teacher and coach. Rowena found Louise's work at a challenging time in her life. She shares her journey with making peace with her body and the power of forgiveness.

May 15, 2012
Rachel interviews Kamy Lavanchy, an HYL workshop leader and coach from Switzerland. Kamy enthusiastically shares how she found Louise's book and the changes that occurred in her life because of it. She and Rachel also say this work makes you long younger! Now that's an incentive to try it. Kamy also talks about what workshop participants want out of life.

May 29, 2012
Rachel interviews the only grandmother - granddaughter team who are leading Heal Your Life workshops! They are Judy Single and Amanda Mutch from Winnepeg, Canada. You'll definitely want to listen to their wisdom.

June 5, 2012
Rachel interviews Hay House author Michelle Phillips about her life and book, The Beauty Blueprint. Michelle shares how she started as a make-up artist, her own discovery of true beauty and the significant life changes that occurred as she began to live according to her passions and values. She inspires women to find their own unique beauty from the inside out. Michelle tells how she walked through her fears to the life she love, and also shares some wonderful techniques to use.

June 12, 2012
Rachel interviews Wendy Kennedy from Canada. Wendy describes how she became interested in the Heal Your Life training, how the money for it miraculously appeared, and some physical health challenges that the HYL work helped to clear.



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