Name: Gráinne O'Kane
Location: Ireland
Phone Number: 086 829 0835
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Gráinne O'Kane
086 829 0835

I am so grateful and blessed to be a Heal Your Life workshop facilitator.  I feel I have found what I am supposed to be doing, after many years of uncertainty.  It is a great feeling.  I was led to become a HYL teacher several years ago when I was exasperated with myself, my life and with who I wasn't.  I said to a friend of mine, 'I really wish I knew my true essence'.  Two days later I was handed the book 'The Power is Within You by Louise Hay.  This book immediately had a positive effect on my self, I really identified with it and put all tips and guidelines into practise. 

Soon afterwards one stepping stone led to the next which brought me to doing the Teacher Training a few years later.  It's exactly what I was searching for all along.  I am so glad that I asked the question and so grateful that I listened to the answers and to the people I met who led me to becoming a facilitator.

I am truly grateful.