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Heal Your Life 2-day Retreat

Profile photo of MEGHAA GUPTAFeb 23 '15 - Feb 24 '15

Set in the lush & beautiful, Zorba, the Buddha, its a 2 Day Retreat for women(non-residential) Learn more!

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All the coaches and workshop leaders listed in this directory have been trained by Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC, or other authorized teacher-teachers through an exclusive license from Hay House, Inc.

Dr. Patricia Crane, founding partner at Heart Inspired Presentations had the privilege to study personally with Louise Hay in the 1980s and 1990s, and is honored to continue bringing her work to the world in this way.

All of our Heal Your Life® practitioners are enthusiastic about their work and excited about sharing it with others. These dedicated individuals are located in many countries around the globe with a commitment to help the healing of our planet. Many have trained extensively in metaphysics and other healing modalities as well as the Louise Hay methods.

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